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We look to Siser's blog when we're on the hunt for project inspiration, product knowledge, and empowering tips from industry experts. Browse this lineup of our favorite heat vinyl transfer tips, projects, and how-to articles and videos so you can get your next project out of your head and into your hands. Keep on scrolling or pick a link below to jump to a topic.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV): The Basics

Laying a solid foundation can unlock tons of creative potential. Get to know heat transfer vinyl inside and out with the articles and videos below.

Unique HTV Products

Unique HTV products are the bread and butter of a modern maker's toolkit and the nuances matter. Learn about different Siser HTV materials and how to use them.

  • Glitter, Sparkle, Twinkle HTV... What's The Difference? — Not all dazzle is the same. Learn the difference between Siser's glitter, sparkle, and twinkle HTV options that vary in texture, color options, thickness, and more. 

  • Tips & Tricks for Working with Holographic — Learn the best ways to cut and apply holographic HTVs to create intricate, multi-dimensional designs.

  • How to Use Metal HTV — A brushed metal look can accent your favorite fabrics when you learn how to use Siser's metal HTV. Find out the best way to cut, apply and wash your next metal HTV project. 

  • How To Apply StripFlock® Pro — You can create a smooth, velvet effect when you learn how to apply StripFlock Pro. You can even layer it to customize your next creation even more. 

  • P.S. Stretch - EasyWeed Stretch — HTV designs can stretch and rebound with designs using EasyWeed Stretch material. Learn how to cut and apply EasyWeed Stretch to swimsuits and other elastic fabrics. 

Need inspiration?

If you're in a creative rut, don't sweat it, you're about to dig your way out. Check out hundreds of items you can decorate with HTV and prepare yourself for a stroke of genius. 

HTV Tips & Tricks

Making is messy, it's just par for the course, but you can absorb a few tips and tricks from the articles below to help your next project run smoother from start to finish. 

Projects: Wardrobe Rundown

From head to toe, there's next to nothing in your wardrobe that you can't spice up with HTV. Browse the how-to's below to find inspiration for your next custom wardrobe makeover.

  • How To Decorate Your Summer Swimsuit — Learn the steps for designing your own bikini, boxers, or one-piece swimsuit with customized graphics that are completely you. 

  • How To Decorate a Pair of Soccer Socks — Bringing your A-game is easier with the right gear. Learn how to deck out your favorite soccer socks for even more confidence on the field. 

  • How To Make a Chic Dog Sweater — Follow this quick tutorial to learn how to personalize the wardrobe of your favorite furry friend. 

  • Turn a Clutch Into a Brand New One! — Your fashion tastes are fluid, and now, the designs on your favorite clutch can be, too. Follow this tutorial to prepare your favorite clutch for a night out. 

  • Applying HTV To Gloves — Transform your gloves just in time for winter when you follow this step-by-step tutorial to apply HTV to your favorite pair. 

Projects: Seasonal

We get it. Creative juices flow in full force over the holidays, and with the tutorials below, you can find inspiration for Halloween costumes and Christmas decor in preparation for the season.