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Getting To Know Beverly Garcia

Hispanic Heritage Month

Beverly Garcia is one of our fabulous ambassadors and a fellow apparel decorator. She started her brand after losing her job in April of 2020. From paper creations to decorated apparel, she’s entwined her Hispanic culture and childhood experiences into many of her creations. We sat down with Beverly to learn more about how she fell in love with decorating apparel and how her Hispanic culture has inspired her creations. 

When did you start Invites By Bevs & More? Why?

Invites By Bevs & More started back in April of 2020 when I had just lost my job. When I started, I was only doing paper crafts like party invitations. I had little hope in making something out of nothing, but then, about one month after opening my business, I started decorating apparel. I instantly fell in love with decorating t-shirts and I’ve been at it ever since.

How has your childhood and culture influenced your creations? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from my childhood vacations to Mexico. When we would go back to Mexico for Summer vacation, I experienced hard-working people make nothing into something for themselves and their businesses. My experiences in Mexico have been a major influence on keeping me motivated and on the designs I decorate t-shirts with. This is also why you’ll see me often incorporate spanglish phrases into my style of business. 

Do you have a favorite design or collection? Why is it your favorite? 

Yes I do! My favorite collection that I’ve made is the “Amigas Support Amigas” collection, which I launched earlier this year. The “Amigas Support Amigas” collection is my favorite because it represents who I am and what I care for. I'm the type of person that will stop what I’m doing to help another person out, no matter how busy I am. I like to remind my Amigas that we should always help and support each other, as fellow friends, crafters, small business owners. Through it all! No matter what!

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

I’m celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by embracing my culture, creating some new latino-inspired items for others and spending more quality time with my friends and family.

What are you most proud of about your Hispanic heritage? 

Besides the delicious food, I’m most proud of how hard those in the Hispanic community work. Some days when I’m feeling overwhelmed by work, I remind myself that it’s nothing compared to what my parents faced when coming to America to seek a better life for their own children. They had nothing, yet became someone and made sacrifices to give me a better life.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? Why do you think it’s important to celebrate? 

For me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to pay tribute to those generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced our nation and society. I think it's important to celebrate each culture, to come together as one, and to really take a moment to see the success we’ve each accomplished together.

Tell us about your Hispanic Heritage Hoodie Project. What inspired that design? 

What really inspired the floral design was my Mom and her love for flowers! She's originally from Mexico and growing up she loved to decorate our house with them. I guess all-in-all the design represents the love and happiness I have for my parents and all the bright beautiful colors that can be grown in. 

We’ve noticed that you tend to make for not one but a community of people. How important is community to you? 

Community is very important to me because I love to help others. Especially those joining in on the journey of becoming a small business owner or crafter. I tend to go out of my way and I always encourage others to help each other out and support more people in our small community.