Fall Apparel Decoration Project Ideas

Fall Apparel Decoration Ideas

If you’re looking for cute Fall-inspired apparel decoration projects, we’ve got a few project ideas for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, along with our other Fall favorites.

There’s a change in the air. We’re seeing the leaves turn brown, feeling the air cool down, and the stores are starting to stock up on seasonal Fall accessories.

As a creative individual, you may be thinking about ways to use the Fall season to your advantage. But the Fall season lasts just a short time before it’s replaced with Christmas decor.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on creative Fall projects, now’s the time to start.

Why Fall Is The Best Season To Get Creative

We all have a favorite season. Perhaps you’re in the minority and prefer a winter wonderland snuggled by the fire for three months straight. You could be a flower fanatic and enjoy spring most. You may enjoy the summer heat and regular trips to the lake or beach. Or, like the majority of Americans, you could be a lover of Fall.

The weather is charming when it shifts from scorching days to nippy nights. Where you can sit comfortably outside without breaking a sweat, and when you drop into Target or Starbucks, pumpkin-spice-everything and Halloween dominate the shelves.

But it isn’t just the weather and flavor options that make Fall such a fantastic time of year. Fall is the best season to get creative because:

  • We’ve got autumnal, warm, and earthy colored blank apparel to decorate.
  • Halloween requires an outfit, especially if it’s made by you!
  • Thanksgiving means Black Friday and Black Friday means a sale.
  • People start to get all sentimental around Thanksgiving, making customized gifts a great option.

Spooky Season Project Ideas

Get crafty this Halloween with some creative and spooky apparel decoration projects. You could spend hours scouring the internet for ideas on Halloween projects. Or, to make it easy, we’ve highlighted a couple of our favorites for you to try.

Create your own trick-or-treat Halloween bags.

Top off your pumpkin carving session with a quick and easy project from the Siser blog! –No fancy cutting machine needed! The blog post walks you through how to make your own trick-or-treat Halloween bags. Save the blog and order your materials today! All you need is with some Siser Easyweed Stretch HTV (in black and orange), and a few Budget Totes. Oh! and don’t forget scissors and an iron!

Prepare for the best night of the month – Halloween. Create your own trick-or-treat bags you’ll be sure to get the heads turning and extra candies flowing as you stroll through town.

Embroider a spooky design on your favorite apparel.

Halloween is the best time to show off your creativity and decorating skills. Grab your embroidery needles and floss and create your own custom Halloween outfit with some decoration-ready apparel from Press Hall. Maybe a vine of pumpkins? Some skulls? Or your favorite Halloween movie quote?

If you’re new to hand embroidery, try starting off with apparel that doesn’t stretch, like our long sleeve jean button down shirt. Learn how to hand embroider with this tutorial.

Create Halloween costumes for your group.

Don’t go it alone! The best way to decorate apparel is to do it together, with your favorite people. Gather your loved-ones and make a group Halloween costume without breaking the bank! Here is a super easy group Halloween costume that anyone can help with: M&M t-shirts. First, grab some white Siser HTV and M&M-colored t-shirts. Then embellish them with a simple “m” design to complete the look!

Looking for other great group Halloween costume ideas? Maybe you also have a Cricut (or other cutting machine)? If the answer to both those questions was yes, check out our recent blog post on DIY Halloween Group Costume Ideas With HTV.

Screen-print Fall designs on your favorite blanks.

Screen-printing is an easy and fun way to personalize and display your creative side. Especially if you need to make multiple items with the same print. It works well on materials such as cotton t-shirts and canvas.

What does everyone think when they’re daydreaming of Fall? For many Autumn admirers, it’s a hot PSL, a good book, and a flannel blanket at sunset. Sounds great, right? But wait… what’s missing from this Fall-time fantasy? A custom-made tote bag to carry the book and blanket, duh! What if we told you that there’s a free step by step tutorial (and free .SVG) on screen-printing with vinyl that would allow you to easily decorate a blank tote bag. We recommend the B150 Budget Tote Budget Tote! Our ambassador, Jennifer uses them constantly for screen-printing (and they are super cheap!).

If you need a tutorial for a more traditional screen-printing method, we’ve also got a free step-by-step tutorial on screen-printing using the draw and fill method. step-by-step tutorial on screen-printing using the draw and fill method.

Fall is the perfect time of year to get creative. With our guide and our list of project ideas, you’ll find inspiration to create some amazing projects.