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How To Create Amazing Product Shots

Create Amazing Product Shots (using Adobe After Effects)

Sometimes, all you need to make content for your apparel brand is a big pile of green fabric, a plain white tee, and some good, ol’ fashioned centripetal force.

The Filming Process

To set up a mini green-screen studio, take a huge piece of green-screen fabric and drape it over a rolling cart to act as a background.

To get the shirt to spin without getting your hands in the shot, tie the hanger from a string and spin it (and the shirt) around and around.

Then start filming as the t-shirt unwinds in front of the green screen.

The Editing Process

Using Adobe After Effects, crop out the edges to remove the non-green parts along the side of the clip.

Then use the chroma key tool to select the green color that you want to become transparent.

After that, drop in a branded background (we used our previously-made Press Hall background), add a shadow, and that’s that!

Want to learn more? Here are a few resources we found helpful:

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